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Nava Nakshatra Homes

 About Nava Nakshatra Homes

Nava Nakshatra Homes Pvt. Ltd., has been a trusted name in the Bangalore real estate industry for over a decade. NN Homes is dedicated to providing the best value for money and excellent service for customers who are interested in residential sites and apartments in and around Bangalore.

The Beginning

On 18th August 2008, a team of enterprising entrepreneurs led by Mr. Navaraj U.L. established Nava Nakshatra Homes Pvt. Ltd. as a registered real estate company in Bangalore. Having come from a real estate background, the dynamic team was able to successfully utilize their knowledge, skills, and expertise to make NN Homes one of the leading real estate companies in Bangalore.

Company Vision

Nava Nakshatra Homes stands for honesty, integrity, and 100% transparency in all real estate transactions. Their vision is to understand the unique requirements of each customer, serve them to the best of their ability, and exceed the customer’s expectations. It is their goal to make every customer’s real estate dream a reality.

Legal Verification

NN Homes exercises due caution to ensure that all properties are legally verified and every piece of relevant documentation is in place. The team would never put up a site for sale unless they have personally scrutinized every aspect of the property and are confident that it has clean and clear documentation.

On-Time Commitment

The NN Homes team highly values their commitment to each customer. Given the unstable nature of the economy at this time, many real estate companies have not been able to deliver their projects on time. But Nava Nakshatra Homes has always kept their word and completed all their projects by the expected timeline.

End to End Support

When you trust Nava Nakshatra Homes with your real estate requirements, you can be sure they will handle everything that’s required from end to end. They provide comprehensive care and guidance at every step of the journey. From the initial site visit and appraisal, to verifying the documents and registering the property – NN Homes will handle it all, so you have the assurance that everything is well taken care of.

Transparent Deals

The dedicated team at NN Homes is committed to ensuring transparency in all property deals. At any time during the property transaction, you will know exactly what is going on. They have a proven record of zero court cases against the company, and customers are never bombarded with hidden charges. Nava Nakshatra Homes has become a trustworthy name in Bangalore real estate circles because they abide by their word, stay true to their commitments, and do not tolerate deceit of any kind.

Client Satisfaction

The entire team at Nava Nakshatra Homes is devoted to satisfying their customers’ needs in the best possible manner. From the first phone call where the customer expresses interest in a property to the final registration and handover, the entire process is seamless and hassle-free. You can be assured of complete support, relevant counsel, and timely guidance by a team that takes their clients’ satisfaction very seriously.

Prime Locations

Nava Nakshatra Homes has a proven track record of establishing residential layouts at excellent locations in and around Bangalore. This guarantees a high appreciation of the property value in a short amount of time. Easy connectivity to IT and BT companies, top educational institutions, good hospitals, commercial complexes, and key transport hubs are an added bonus.

Best Investment

Nava Nakshatra Homes has a wide variety of residential sites in Bangalore and its surrounding areas that would provide the best return on your investment. Since these projects are in developing areas, they are most suitable for building independent homes, villas, or even multi-storied apartments. NN Homes also undertakes property management for real estate builders, proficiently handling the land acquisition, development, marketing, and sales related activities.

Properties across Bangalore

Bangalore has become the best place to invest in real estate. Purchasing a site in Bangalore and its suburbs will prove to be extremely valuable in the coming years. Whether you plan to build your own home, develop an apartment complex, or invest in real estate, Nava Nakshatra Homes has a property that will fit your standards. All properties undergo diligent scrutiny, detailed evaluation, and fast-paced development to bring about a rapid transformation in the project locality.

Worry Free Property

You can put your mind at ease when you invest with Nava Nakshatra Homes. None of our clients have had to deal with any kind of property loss whatsoever. The team has taken utmost care to inspect all matters related to the location and its legalities, so no act of the government or nature has diminished the value of our clients’ properties till date.

Visit Nava Nakshatra Homes

Have a specific real estate requirement in mind? Let Nava Nakshatra Homes help you become a proud owner of the most ideal properties in Bangalore, and at attractive prices too.

We encourage you to give us a call, visit any of our multiple projects, and experience our commitment to provide clients the best service possible. You can see for yourself the highest degree of integrity, transparency, and quality that NN Homes stands for.

We welcome you to visit our on-site locations and see the project development first-hand. If you’re happy with the project and our services, you can then take the next step with us. At no point will any of our team members coerce you into making a decision. We seek to abide by your wishes and serve you wholeheartedly.

If you’re dissatisfied at any time, you can personally reach out to Mr. Navaraj U.L. and he will make sure that your concerns are addressed to your satisfaction.

We value every client who gets in touch with us. Give us a chance to serve you and we’ll make sure that you get the best value for money with a property that meets and exceeds your expectations.

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